We will give you the satisfaction by providing a wide variety of manufacturers products and our original products.

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Business contents

All business related to the import and export

Our main business is overseas trading.
We will introduce our excellent products and or other makers products to you quickly.

Development and sale for original products

We are developing a heat exchanger of the ultra-compact, high-response, high-efficiency.
You can operate the heating and cooling of most of the fluid regardless of gas and liquid.

Design and production and sale for special equipment which use for manufacturing

Production/selling for process gas control system which need the semiconductor manufacturing

Sale of control equipment or system equipment of the leading makers

We select and sell the Japanese makers products which had hi performance and hi reliability.
And we can sell these products to overseas customers through the NEO overseas bases and stlong relationship with overseas partners.

Proterial, Ltd. :Mass Flow Controller (MFC)
PURERON JAPAN CO,.LTD. :Gas filter /Pressure sensor